Sports Achievements


Sports achievement 2016-17

Inter school tournament positions

  1. Gold medal in handball under 14 girls.
  2. Gold medal in softball under 19 girls.
  3. Bronze medal in baseball under 19 girls.
  4. Gold medal in wrestling under 14 boys.
  5. Silver in taekwando under 19 girls.
  6. 1 silver , 2 bronze in gymnastics under 17 girls.
  7. Bronze in athletics under 19 boys.

National level

  1. 1 player got gold medal in school national roller hockey(skating) games.
  2. 3 girls got gold medal in school national baseball games under 19
  3. 1 player got bronze medal in open National basketball championship.

Open State level:

1.Handball girls got gold medal in open state handball championship. boys won silver medal in open state basketball championship.


National participation of number of students in that sport

Hanball(5 students)

Softball (2)







Inter-school participation

Boxing under 19B/G

Archery under 19G

Gatka under 19 B

Volleyball under 17B

Baseball under 14 B, UNDER 17 B

Taekwando under 14,17,19 B/Under 19 G

Wrestling 17,19

Handball under 19 G

Athletics under 19 B/G



Approx. 30 players awarded scholarship in the discipline of softball, Archery, Gymnastics, Taekwando, handball in 2015-16 and girl guide got second place on 15th August 2016.