Home Science Lab

The word Home science is made up of two words ie home and science.The word ‘Home’ means a place where we live with our family and ‘science’ means the knowledge which is based on certain principles and facts.So home science means the art of managing resources efficiently to achieve a healtier,happier home and if need, a successful career. Knowledge and skills acquired through Home science facilitates development of self,family and community. It endeavours to acquaint learners  with the basics of human development with specific reference to self and child.


Home science lab in our school is well equipped. Various competition are held time to time:

Healthy diet compettion with variety of sandwiches , salads and sprouts was organized

1st :Pooja and preeti(10th)

2nd :Kanika and Tanisha(9th)

3rd: monika and sujata(8th)