Government Model Senior Secondary School sec-8B CHD.



Best Practices in the school


  1. “House wise activities” are arranged on every Saturday.
  2. “Buddy group formed” out of Sr. & Sr. Sec. classes is active in taking the classes in the school.
  3. “Child friendly group” brings in the notice of teachers and also solves the grievances of the students alongwith the organizing of different activities.
  4. “Youth Parliament” working at the Secondary level makes the students aware of current Political issues and working of the parliament.
  5. “Photography Group” is active in capturing the nature.
  6. “Mock Drill” is excercised time to time to cover the disaster risk.
  7. “Grievance Cell” formed out of ten members solves all the cases brought in the notice by the students.
  8. “Special Days” like “Labour Day”, “Environment Day”, “Earth Day” are best participated by the students in the morning assembly.
  9. “Science Quiz”, “Science Model Making”, “PPT”, “Poster Making”, “Science Project Making” “Participation in Skill Test”, “National Science Congress”, “Indian Science Congress”, “State Level Exhibition” go on through out the year.
  10. “NSS Volunteers” are round the clock active in maintaining discipline, organizing activities in the school & community.
  11. NCC Cadets are involved in social activities like sensitizing public for saving enu, girl child, help in making digital India, senior citizens in their banking activities.