As you are aware that new academic session is going to start. To streamline the admission process, it has been decided that the Govt. Schools will follow the following guidelines.

  1. Admission to classes 1’tto 8th in all Govt. Schools is to be made as per the provisions of RTE Act i.e. for Primary Classes children residing within 1 Km and for Upper Primary Classes students residing within 3 Km of the school but residents of U.T., Chandigarh are to be admitted. lf the seats remain vacant, the area may be extended to 3 Km for Primary Classes and 5 Km for Upper Primary Classes. Criteria laid down as per RTE Act is to be strictly followed. For class 1″, the school may have the same number of sections as were in position in the session 2016-17 with an upper cap of three sections. lf a school receives applications in excess than the number of seats, the school will hold a draw and admit the students as per the allotted number of seats in class-|. School-wise list of allotment of area is attached herewith. Schools are to admit children from area mentioned in Zone A at the first instance, if seats remain’vacant, then from the area in Zone B, if seats are still available, then Zone C and if still vacant then anywhere from U.T., Chandigarh but within 5 Km from the school.
  2. For classes 2nd to 10th, the students passing the lower class will be admitted in the next class.
  3. For new admission to class lX, in case of vacant seats, admission is to be made on the basis of written test in English, Science, Maths, Social Studies and 1st Language.
  4. Number of students per section is proposed as under:   l-V=40, VI-X=45
  5. Local migration from one Govt. school to another Govt. school is not permissible. However, in exceptional cases the migration will be permitted with the prior approval of Education Department, U.T. Chandigarh only against the available vacancy position. All the Govt. Schools will use a standard common admission form for classes I to X.